Tuna au Poivre With Red Wine Sauce Recipe (2024)



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Not sure I'll ever understand how recipe writers reduce sauces and caramelize onions so quickly. Anyway, this is a wonderful recipe. Highly recommend!


I would cut the wine sauce ingredients in half next time. Four ounces of sauce was plenty. More for the table! Otherwise, excellent.


White Pinot Noir?

Sam Bienstock

I used a dry Pinot Noir (white) instead of the red (it was what I had on hand at the time) and it was fantastic!


Delicious - used veggie broth instead of chicken. Took 20 min to reduce


Compared this with other red wine reduction sauces because it takes much much longer than 10 minutes to reduce 3 cups of liquid to one cup. Use more (double) the shallots and 1/2 cup broth instead of 2 1/2 cups. Add a rosemary sprig for additional flavor if needed.

Edward B. Blau

We had one large steak for the two of us and adjusted the quantities of the ingredients accordingly.
We served mashed potatoes and wilted spinach as sides and we agreed it was a delicious meal.
I used a cast iron grill skillet and did cook the tuna to medium rare instead of rare.
We will never use any other tuna recipe.

jochen stossberg

They can't. End of story. Real life and the recipe, rarely go together.

Stan M.

To make step one easier:Add the toasted coriander and fennel seeds to a mortar, grind with a pestle. Add the coarsely ground pepper. Press the garlic through a press into the mix. Add the olive oil and mix with the pestle. Paint the tuna with the mixture with a pastry brush.


I really enjoyed this, although I agree that there's too much sauce. Plus, at 1 cup its a little watery-- next time I'll reduce it down to a syrupy consistency that will coat the tuna. A couple notes about searing the tuna:1. Put the cast-iron skillet in the oven at 450-500 to heat it evenly. With only 3 minutes to cook a rare steak, you can't afford cool spots in the pan.2. The directions just say to lay the tuna in the cast-iron. Tuna has no fat, so I added 2-3 tsp of peanut oil.


A great recipe. However, it took me 45 minutes to reduce the sauce and I only added 2 cups instead of the recommended 2.5 of stock. Next time I’ll try adding half a cup of stock. Makes great leftovers in a salad the following day. Served this with mashed potatoes and steamed spinach.


This was amazing! Reading through the reviews, I made the following changes: 1) Reduced the chicken broth to one cup. It was still a bit thin so added 2 teaspoons of cornstarch to thicken at the end, delicious sauce2) Added Everything Bagel spice along with ground coriander with the garlic (omitted fennel as my husband does not care for the flavor)I had just the right amount of pinot noir left from the weekend. The tuna steaks were delicious. We will make this again. And again.


This recipe was delicious! I used more sauce, and larger tuna portions ( 1 1/2 lb for 6 seemed very light!). I added pink and black peppercorns, sesame seeds and poppy seeds to approximate an “everything” spice. Yum!


Tasted great! Replaced the fennel with tarragon.


No fennel seedUse coriander powderRosemary sprig in wine reduction


For all the recipes that call for reducing a large volume of broth, instead use the amount of bouillon for the required stock, but much less water.


Delicious —used white vermouth


This is a huge favorite for my husband and me. I make it often. Great combinations of flavors, and it’s quick! I made the wine sauce once and didn’t feel like we needed it, so I always make it with the spices and quick sautéing. I mix up the coriander, fennel and garlic for two rounds and keep it in the freezer. Sooooooo good!

Liz from Seattle

recipie was simple and reasonable for weeknight. the seasoning was good. but the sauce was too thin and watery. I'll skip the sauce next time. key is to use quality fish.


Be patient with the reduction of the sauce, wait until it gets thick, you'll love it. It will take closer to 20 minutes than 10 minutes.

Arleen T

Truly exceptional. Used homemade veggie stock as well and was patient on the reduction. Also strained the sauce for fun. Served with mash potatoes and green beans. It was a farmers market meal!


The flavors were good but the sauce disappointing: much too watery. I might suggest reducing further, straining out the shallots, and whisking in additional butter to emulsify the sauce.


Waaaayyy too much broth. Took too long to reduce and never got to where I wanted it.

Stan M.

To make step one easier:Add the toasted coriander and fennel seeds to a mortar, grind with a pestle. Add the coarsely ground pepper. Press the garlic through a press into the mix. Add the olive oil and mix with the pestle. Paint the tuna with the mixture with a pastry brush.


The sauce was thin and bland, even though fully reduced. I think too much chicken broth. Did nothing for the tuna.


Delicious & a hit! I took the advice of others and used much less chicken stock than called for. 1/2 c is plenty.

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Tuna au Poivre With Red Wine Sauce Recipe (2024)


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