My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (2024)

Netflix's serialized adaptation of My Life with the Walter Boys has arrived, complete with a full cast of actors playing new characters.

Based on author Ali Novak's book published in 2014, My Life with the Walter Boys is Netflix's latest 10-episode series featuring teen drama along with themes of love and family.

The story centers on a young girl forced to leave her life in New York after the tragic death of her entire family, moving to rural Colorado with an old friend of her mother's and her extended family. She then finds plenty of excitement and intense action through these new loved ones.

Netflix dropped all 10 episodes simultaneously on December 7 after filming took place in Alberta, Canada between March 2022 and September 2022.

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (1)

Every Main Actor & Character in My Life with the Walter Boys

Nikki Rodriguez - Jackie Howard

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (2)

Nikki Rodriguez takes center stage as My Life with the Walter Boys' main character, 15-year-old Jackie Howard, who moves from Manhattan to Colorado after her parents and sister all in a tragic accident.

This leads her to the Hardy family and a massive new group of kids with whom to acquaint herself.

While she has to fight through plenty of emotional moments after her own family's death, new emotions begin to take over thanks to a couple of the Hardy boys.

Rodriguez previously played a leading role as Vero in 2022's On My Block, and other credits include single episodes of Speechless and Adam Ruins Everything.

Sarah Rafferty - Katherine Walter

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (3)

The matriarch of the Walter family comes in the form of Dr. Katherine Walter, played by Sarah Rafferty, who was best friends with Jackie's mother in college before becoming Jackie's guardian.

Katherine works as a veterinarian in Silver Hills, Colorado, expressing empathy and compassion for Jackie's situation as she hopes to get her late friend's daughter acquainted with her, her husband, and their 10 children.

Rafferty is best known for her work as part of the main cast of Suits, on which she played Sarah Paulson, and she also had multi-episode stints on Chicago Med and Grey's Anatomy.

Marc Blucas - George Walter

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (4)

Marc Blucas takes on a role in My Life with the Walter Boys as George Walter, the patriarch of the Walter family and Katherine's longtime husband.

George grew up on his family's ranch in Colorado and takes pride in raising his herd of animals alongside Katherine while also being as hands-on as possible with nearly a dozen children.

Blucas enjoyed 31 episodes of screen time as Riley Finn on Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer before enjoying other extended stints on Necessary Roughness, The Fix, and Swagger.

Noah LaLonde - Cole Walter

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (5)

Noah LaLonde embodies Cole Walter, one of the older children of the family and unquestionably the most mysterious of the bunch.

While Jackie is attracted to him fairly quickly upon meeting, he comes off as a cold person, although he's deeply struggling to get his life back under control after a serious leg injury destroyed his chances of playing football on a scholarship.

My Life with the Hardy Boys marks LaLonde's first time playing a series regular. He previously had a single-episode appearance in 2022 on Criminal Minds.

Ashby Gentry - Alex Walter

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (6)

Ashby Gentry takes on a role as another of the older Walter boys, Alex, who quickly befriends Jackie when she moves to Colorado and is known for his love of video games and sci-fi movies.

Although he comes across as a bit of an awkward young man, he's passionate about his games and his skills as a rodeo competitor, with some romantic tension brewing fast between him and Jackie as well.

My Life with the Walter Boys gives Gentry the biggest role of his young career, which follows up his efforts in an episode of 2022's Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

Johnny Link - Will Walter

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (7)

Embracing Jackie in her first moments in Colorado is Johnny Link's Will Walter, the eldest of the Walter children and one of the more openly empathetic members of the family.

Portrayed to be hard of hearing just like Link himself, Will recently graduated from college and now works in real estate, living with his fiancée, Hayley.

Outside of My Life with the Walter Boys, Link's only other credit thus far comes with three episodes of 2023's Dear Edward.

Corey Fogelmanis - Nathan Walter

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (8)

Corey Fogelmanis plays another Walter boy named Nathan, the musician of the family who is often seen playing his guitar in and out of the house.

Sharing a room with Alex, he also quickly takes up running with Jackie, slowly bringing her into the family as they learn about one another from jump street.

Fogelmanis spent three years as one of the leading cast members of Girl Meets World, and he's also seen in episodes of Criminal Minds and House of Lies.

Connor Stanhope - Danny Walter

Connor Stanhope takes on the role of Danny Walter, Cole's fraternal twin, who is almost the exact opposite of the popular high-school jock.

Danny is a thespian and an actor at heart, studying performances from film and theater in his spare time and showing qualities such as thoughtfulness and a scholar's mind.

Prior to this series, Stanhope had notable appearances in Garage Sale Mysteries, Supernatural, and Smallville.

Dean Petriw - Jordan Walter

Dean Petriw's Jordan Walter never lacks energy on camera, and he's rarely seen in this series without his camera in hand as an aspiring filmmaker.

The younger member of the Walter family is also recognizable for having a pet snake, which he hilariously named Rumplesnakeskin.

Petriw is recognizable for his other roles in projects such as StarBeam and Home Before Dark.

Lennix James - Benny Walter

The youngest of the Walter boys is Benny, played by Lennix James, who brings boundless energy to the role as Benny runs around and always gets underfoot of his older siblings and his parents.

James previously played a four-year-old version of Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent in in 2021.

Alix West Lefler - Parker Walter

Parker Walter is the only Walter daughter amongst a hoard of brothers, and she's played by Alix West Lefler.

Parker is a bit of a troublemaker when loves playing football with Cole every chance she gets, and she's a little bit nervous about adding another girl into the family when Jackie gets to town.

Along with a handful of Christmas movies, Lefler can be seen in shows such as Riverdale, Siren, and Resident Alien.

Isaac Arellanes - Isaac

Isaac Arellanes keeps one of his real-world names in this series as he plays Isaac Garcia, a cousin of the Walter family who also lives with George, Katherine, and their 10 kids.

His mother, George's sister, left home when he was a young child, and his father has since been deployed with the armed forces, almost forcing him to grow even closer with the Walters circ*mstantially.

Arellanes' biggest role came in 26 episodes of the Apple TV+ series Ghostwriter, and he also appeared in episodes of Euphoria, Quantum Leap, and Reservoir Dogs.

Myles Vincent Perez - Lee

Myles Vincent Perez portrays Isaac Garcia's brother, Lee, who also lives with the Walters with his parents both gone.

Lee is passionate about riding his skateboard, although it often gets him into trouble as he's seen on all four wheels anywhere he can do it, even inside the house - he also earns the nickname of "Tony Hawk wannabe."

Perez also played minor roles in The Curse of Bridge Hollow, Sam & Cat, and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn.

Zoë Soul - Hayley

Zoë Soul's Hayley is introduced as an honorary member of the Walter family, with fans also finding out that she is Will's fiancée.

Hayley works at The Lark Café in town, and she's also hard at work studying to earn her master's degree while keeping a job and enjoying her relationship with Will.

Soul was part of the main cast of Read Between the Lines, and she was also seen in Single Ladies, The Purge: Anarchy, and Prisoners.

Alisha Newton - Erin

Alisha Newton's Erin is arguably the most popular girl at Silver Falls High School, enjoying an on-again, off-again relationship that remains fairly casual due to Cole not wanting to be tied down yet.

Displayed as driven, intelligent, and highly competitive, Erin is no small force to be trifled with, and she doesn't exactly hide her discomfort for Jackie when the latter moves to town.

Newton has over 140 episodes of work on Heartland, and she's also credited for roles in Hudson, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and Supernatural.

Jaylan Evans - Skylar

Jaylan Evans takes the spotlight in a role as Skylar, an open, thoughtful, and driven young man who has goals of being valedictorian at his high school and, eventually, a political journalist.

Skylar quickly finds himself becoming friends with Jackie as she struggles to get adjusted to Silver Falls High School, and he also draws attention from several other students across campus.

Evans' biggest other credits come in Spirit Rangers and Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Ashley Tavares - Tara

Ashley Tavares embodies one of the high-ranking adults at Silver Falls High School as she plays the role of Tara, the school's guidance counselor.

Introduced early in the series, she does her best to help Jackie get acquainted with her new surroundings and to help Cole look towards his future, and she also spends a lot of time with her best friend, Hayley.

Tavares is known for her work in Doomlands, Hollywood Heights, and Huge.

Moheb Jindran - Nikhil

Moheb Jindran portrays another adult presence at the high school in Nikhil, the English and drama teacher who gains plenty of attention from Tara throughout the series.

My Life with the Walter Boys gives Jindran the biggest role of his career after largely appearing in shorts prior to this show, along with two episodes of a mini-series titled RoOomies.

Ellie O’Brien - Grace

Ellie O'Brien's Grace comes into play as a confident girl who grew up with a strict background, and she bonds quickly with Jackie once the newcomer gets to school on her first day.

Grace also makes it abundantly clear that she wants to know what it's like for Jackie to live with a house full of boys, being a young and curious teenager.

O'Brien boasts single-episode appearances on shows such as Alert: Missing Persons Unit, Murdoch Mysteries, and Designated Survivor.

Mya Lowe - Kiley

Kiley, played by Mya Lowe, is Alex's best friend who's been in his life since kindergarten.

The two spend a great deal of time with one another, and she is able to read Alex better than anybody else.

Known for her skills as a dancer, Lowe also took the spotlight in Riverdale, A Million Little Things, and Yellowjackets.

Gabrielle Jacinto - Olivia

Gabrielle Jacinto is highlighted in her role as Olivia, Erin's best friend since the third grade, who is well-meaning in nature but often guided down the wrong path.

Other credits for Jacinto include A Deadly Midwife, Virgin River, and A Million Little Things.

Nathaniel Arcand - Mato

Nathaniel Arcand takes on an important role in My Life with the Walter Boys as Mato, Skylar's father, who is a well-known figure in the Silver Falls community.

Matt works as the head of the Silver Falls High alumni committee and owns The Lark Café, and he's also one of George's oldest friends.

Arcand is recognizable to fans for his roles in Heartland, FBI: Most Wanted, and Blackstone.

Alex Quijano - Richard

Introduced early in the series is Alex Quijano's Richard, who is Jackie's uncle.

Richard finds Jackie at an event hosted by her high school in the first scene of the series to give her the news about the tragedy involving her family, offering support to her in any way he can throughout the next nine episodes.

Quijano can be seen in other projects such as One Day at a Time, Fresh Off the Boat, and 13 Reasons Why.

My Life with the Walter Boys Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

My Life With the Walter Boys Cast: Meet All 23 Main Actors Who Appear (Photos) (2024)


Who is everyone in My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

The series was developed by Melanie Halsall. It stars Nikki Rodriguez, Noah LaLonde, Ashby Gentry and Alisha Newton. In December 2023, the series was renewed for a second season.

Who plays Kylie on My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

Kiley is a character in the teen drama series My Life With the Walter Boys. She is Alex Walter's best friend. In Season 1, she is a sophom*ore at Silver Falls High School. She is portrayed by Mya Lowe.

Who are the twins on My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

Danny Walter (Connor Stanhope) is the fraternal twin brother of Cole. He is quite the opposite of Cole in every way. Instead of sports, Danny is often seen reading books, watching classic movies, and dreaming of being in a play. He is more quiet and introverted compared to his twin, but also intelligent and kind.

Who plays Tony on My Life With the Walter Boys season? ›

My Life with the Walter Boys (TV Series 2023– ) - Paul McGillion as Tony - IMDb.

Who is Paige from Life with the Walter boys? ›

My Life with the Walter Boys (TV Series 2023– ) - Madison Brydges as Paige - IMDb.

Do Cole and Jackie kiss? ›

After Alex tells Jackie he's in love with her and then passes out from too much champagne, Jackie discovers the tea kettle Cole fixed but never gave to her. She confronts him in the barn, and the pair share a passionate kiss. The next morning, she flees to New York City, leaving only a note behind.

Who does Alex end up with in My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

If you haven't finished the series yet, you should stop reading now, because the conclusion of this love triangle is about to be spoiled. The season finale makes it seem like things are settled for the teenagers (at least, for now). Jackie and Alex are together.

Can a 12 year old watch My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

Community Reviews

This would be appropriate for a 16+… the content is too mature for a 13yr old… The oldest son sleeps around, cheats on his girlfriend with her best friend does poorly in school and has a terrible attitude. The other brother falls in love with another young man When he sees him shirtless…

Who does Jackie date in My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

By the end of the series Alex and Jackie are together, but in the final episode Alex drunkingly tells Jackie he loves her and she doesn't say it back. Awks.

Will there be a season 2 of My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

My Life with the Walter Boys is officially renewed for season 2 by Netflix. Get ready for more cowboy charm, sweet romances, and intense drama in Season 2 of My Life With the Walter Boys. Nikki Rodriguez, Noah LaLonde, and Ashby Gentry are back for another love triangle adventure that's sure to keep you hooked.

What is wrong with Nathan in My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

Nathan seemed one of the most sensitive Walter boys, and, throughout season 1, he started a relationship with Skylar. Shortly after that, he discovered he had epilepsy, which explained his headaches and why he fainted.

Why did Jackie kiss Cole? ›

Jackie and Cole kiss

After realising that Cole fixed her late sister's teapot, she heads to the workshop where she finds him and they get into a heated, intense discussion which ends with them passionately kissing. Finally!

Who plays Dylan in My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

My Life with the Walter Boys (TV Series 2023– ) - Kolton Stewart as Dylan - IMDb.

Who plays Mato Summerhill on My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

Nathaniel Arcand

Skylar's dad, Mato, is well-known in the Silver Falls community. A longtime friend of George's, he's the head of the Silver Falls High alumni committee and owns The Lark Café.

Who plays Parker in My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

The rest of the family includes Connor Stanhope as Cole's twin Danny, Dean Petriw as the film-loving Jordan, Alix West Lefler as Parker, the only girl of the bunch, and Lennix James as Benny, the baby.

Who are the cousins in My Life With the Walter Boys? ›

Isaac, 16. Played by Issac Arellanes, Issac, 16, and his twin brother Lee are the Walters' cousins. Netflix refers to him as “the lover boy,” but he and Lee, like Jackie, have also dealt with family struggles. The twins' mother left home when they were younger and their dad had recently been deployed.

How are all the kids in My Life With the Walter Boys related? ›

Based on Ali Novak's book, the series features a family where some of the Walter boys are adopted. For instance, Isaac and Lee are cousins of the Walters and are taken into the family after their father is deployed as a soldier. Furthermore, the maternal figure of the family, Katherine, is also revealed to be adopted.

Who is Cole in My Life With the Walter Boys in real life? ›

Noah LaLonde as Cole Walter

Noah grew up in Michigan, US and began acting from an early age. Ahead of the release of My Life With The Walter Boys, Noah told Bello that he grew up playing hockey in high school, which helped him get into character for Cole.


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