22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (2024)

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Men’s button-up shirts are versatile and great for transeasonal fashion. Whether you’re trying to make an excellent first impression at work or kicking back for a lazy week ahead, a button-up is a stable piece suitable for almost any occasion while injecting a bit of personality into your look.

These shirts are also perfect for layering. For instance, when combatting the cold, pair a button-up shirt with a cable knit jumper or a dress coat for a super polished look. However, short-sleeve button-ups are definitely your best bet for a chic yet relaxed look in the summer.

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If you’re looking to lift your personal style and invest in some quality button-up shirts, we’ve rounded up the best designs, many of which are available for affordable prices too. From slim-fit button-ups to button-ups cut from premium cotton, these designs will have you looking incredibly sharp, with a minimal amount of effort involved.

Hugo Boss

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (2) 1/22

Price:From $98
Sizes: S-XXXL

Hugo Boss is one of the most famous menswear brands that has been serving luxury pieces since the mid-forties. They have a selection of slim-fit and classic fit button-up shirts available in different styles, prints and colours. Leaders in fabric technology, many of these designs are breathable and come with moisture management properties too. Say goodbye to sweat patches!


22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (3) 2/22

Price: From $89
Sizes: XS-XXL

Bonobos started as an e-commerce apparel store in 2017 when the idea of online shopping seemed foreign. Bonobos quickly grew to prominence thanks to their super comfy and well-made casual wear, including their immaculate casual shirts. These button-up flannels are made from the most comfortable materials, ensuring you’ll always be at ease while rocking these pieces. These flannels offer an excellent layering system and are perfect for transeasonal styling too.

Brooks Brothers

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (4) 3/22

Price: From $94
Sizes: XS-XXL

Brooks Brothers is a leading brand that has redefined men’s fashion since its launch in 1818, making them one of America’s oldest clothing retailers. With centuries of experience, Brooks Brothers craft some of the finest men’s button-up shirts cut from premium fabrics while showcasing the most stunning colours. Make sure you get in quick though, as they’re offering these shirts for discounted prices.

Charles Tyrwhitt

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (5) 4/22

Price: From $155
Sizes: S-XXL

Since 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt has produced timeless and classic designs to make you feel like a million dollars. If you’re looking for some button-ups guaranteed to elevate your formal or smart casual style, then you’ve come to the right place. From stylish work shirts to little laidback luxe for the weekend, you’ll find it all in their latest collection.

Mizzen & Main

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (6) 5/22

Price: From $148
Sizes: S-XXL

Mizzen & Main is a purveyor of performance menswear, producing classic pieces that fuse groundbreaking technology into everything they do. This collection showcases relaxed shirts and ones with a tapered waist, styles suitable for every occasion. Many of these designs are highly flexible, too, as they have built-in 4-way stretch, so you’ll never feel restricted.


22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (7) 6/22

Price: From $99
Sizes: XS-XXL

This international men’s fashion label was founded in 2000 by Fokke de Jong in Amsterdam and has designed top-tier formalwear ever since. These men’s button-ups are the finest cotton, providing you with excess comfort. If you’re looking for a casual-cool shirt, make sure you check out their slim-fit popovers, as these pieces are crafted from natural stretch fabrics.

Turnbull & Asser

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (8) 7/22

Price: From $240
Sizes: S-XXL

What makes Turnbull & Asser so distinct is how they offer an exceptional level of detail to every item they design, and their button-ups are certainly no exception. These luxury cotton shirts are a must-have for every men’s wardrobe, as these pieces offer next-level comfort. Not to mention you’ll find the richest colours and prints here, promising to upgrade your style instantly.

J. Crew

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (9) 8/22

Price: From $80
Sizes: XS-XXL

J. Crew has set a global benchmark for their accessible, well-priced products revolutionising menswear for the better. Make sure you check out their men’s dress button-ups, as they’ve been cut from most of the most innovative and technical fabrics. Many of these shirts are wrinkle-free, making them super easy to iron and wash, very convenient, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Todd Snyder

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (10) 9/22

Price: From $129
Sizes: XS-XXL

Todd Snyder launched his label in 2011, with the vision to infuse New York sensibility in his collection, redefining how modern men present themselves. Todd Snyder has a wide variety of styles on offer, from more laidback styles to something a little more elegant and refined, you’ll find it all here.

Ted Baker

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (11) 10/22

Price: From $139
Sizes: XS-XXL

Ted Baker is a pioneering British luxury brand known for creating an impressive, diverse range of menswear. Their collection of men’s dress shirts are awe-inspiring, as they come in all different styles and are suitable for many different body types. From short-sleeve button-ups to designs with a little more coverage, these shirts feature the boldest prints, you’ll surely make a statement the moment you enter into the workplace.


22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (12) 11/22

Price: From $110
Sizes: XS-XXL

Reiss was launched in the early seventies on a design philosophy centred around producing design-led menswear. Still holding on to that ideology, Reiss offers the most highly innovative and stylish dress shirts every man needs to get their hands on. If you’re looking for a more bold button-up, visit their online store, as they have some of the most eye-capturing graphics featured in this collection.


22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (13) 12/22

Price: From $282
Sizes: 14-18

Drake’s was founded on the philosophy of ‘Relaxed elegance’, creating premium clothes that feature unique patterns and prints. From the finest cloths and finishings, Drake’s offers the most fashionable and practical shirts, suitable for any smart-casual event.

Savile Row Company

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (14) 13/22

Price: From $28
Sizes: S-XXXL

Savile Row Co. is primarily known for producing luxury menswear for top deals. These men’s button-ups are super flattering, cut from the softest materials, made to be highly comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a shirt suitable for business or formalwear, Savile has a range of styles catering to you. They have plenty of extended sizes too.

Paul Smith

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (15) 14/22

Price: From $175
Sizes: S-XXL

Paul Smith is at the forefront of British fashion due to its creative aesthetic that seamlessly combines tradition and modernity. Make sure you check out their store, as these men’s designer shirts are super bold and feature some of the most incredible patterns. From floral patterns to vibrant prints, you’ll struggle to find a more eccentric shirt anywhere else.


22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (16) 15/22

Price: From $36
Sizes: XXS-XXL

Launching in 2000, this British online retailer has an extensive collection of menswear, including their button-ups. ASOS has a range of iconic brands such as Ralph Lauren, Ambercrombie & Fitch, Armani Exchanges and their own range, available for exceedingly low prices – it’s really a no brainer.


22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (17) 16/22

Price: From $60
Sizes: S-XL

With the entrepreneurial vision, “to be present in every city in the world”, Mango became a global empire, with stores in over 100 countries thanks to their stylish yet accessible designs. From slim-fit, performance to regular fit shirts, you can find many designs capturing a laidback look, perfect for building your off-duty wardrobe.


22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (18) 17/22

Price: From $40

Uniqlo is a leader in technical fabrics geared to be super comfortable and high performing. That’s why these shirts are highly functional and are a non-iron design, just to make your life a little easier. These shirts come in stunning white and light blues colours, offering a very sleek look.

Jos. A. Bank

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (19) 18/22

Price: From $25
Sizes: S-XXL

Founded in 1905, Jos. A. Bank is now a fashion empire, with over 500 nationwide thanks to its impressive, high-quality range highlighting old school techniques. Whether you’re after a luxurious polo, formal dress shirt or casual short-sleeve tee, Jos. A. Bank offers a wide variety of shirts tailored to perfection. If you’re looking for some cutting-edge technology, they also provide wrinkle-free shirts guaranteed to make you look super crisp and polished.

River Island

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (20) 19/22

Price: From $28
Sizes: XS-XL

River Island has always delivered the most exquisite clothing for affordable prices, pandering to every man’s budget. River Island supplies a range of relaxed fit and slim fit button-ups geared to make you feel extra sharp. However, if you require something with little flexibility, they also provide shirts with cotton stretch fabric, giving you the full range of motion.


22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (21) 20/22

Price: From $99
Sizes: S-XXL

If you’re looking for performance wear valued at a great price, then Twillory may just be the brand for you. With shirts featuring high-end technology, you’re sure to feel comfortable at all times while wearing these pieces.

Banana Republic

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (22) 21/22

Price: From $90
Sizes: XS-XXL

Banana republic captures a youthful and fun essence into the brand while inspiring people to explore the outdoors. With that in mind, Banana Republic has a range of more rugged shirts perfect for your next camping trip. However, they also have their fair share of formal button-ups for something a little more dapper.

Club Monaco

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (23) 22/22

Price: From $79
Sizes: XXS-XXL

Deemed as “affordable luxury”, Club Monaco designs clothes that provide you with a smart-casual look. With an abundance of button-ups, every shirt is tailored to perfection for design to feel like a customised fit. From soft oxfords to sporty polos, Club Monaco has a diverse range suitable for every gentleman.

22 Best Button Up Shirts For Relaxed Casual Style (2024)


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